Things that are making me happy this week

01. More Comedy Festival – this week Nath Valvo. Laughed and laughed and laughed.

02. And then cicchetti (egglant fritte, and roasted pumpkin with farro and salted ricotta) and pizza at the fabulous Ombra.

03. Binged Fleabag (took me a few episodes not to be annoyed by the constant breaking of the fourth wall). I didn’t know it was a grief show, so obviously loving it.

04. Have found the best Eurovision app which allows you to rank the songs. Very handy.

05. Went back to the office for the first time in over a year. Weird.

06. It’s suddenly wintery. So, slow-cooked beef rendang.

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  1. 6. My daughter and youngest grandson (11 months) are visiting Melbourne right now. And there’s photos of them in SNOW in the Dandenongs.

    • Today was FREEZING (although I still swam!) – hadn’t realised it was cold enough for snow but that said, I was at footy at 8am at Greensborough and it was frigid.

  2. LOL I haven’t quite got used to the joy of being able to meet with friends again, so though tempted to stay under the covers and read, I ventured forth into the weather for lunch on Sunday. My word it was cold!
    (I can’t imagine swimming in weather like that).
    But my true moment of joy was a concert. There’s a private cultural space in our local area and they have just started a series called Southside Soirees, piano and an accompanying instrumentalist or vocalist. This month it was piano and oboe and the program was beautiful. It felt like the first time in forever and I nearly wept when the music from the film The Piano rang out… it made me think of all the people denied live music during the war and put our brief lockdown in perspective.

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