Things that are making me happy this week

01. They were filming an ad when I was swimming this week (hence the stupid lifeguard chair). I’ll let you know if I appear in the background.

02. Shuggie… I never wanted you to end.

03. My walking-the-Yarra project is on pause while I visit all the UooUoos.

04. It’s Lamington Week at B&P – hello premium wagon wheels…

05. My diving course is finally underway again.

06. Related: are we tempting fate by organising a holiday on the other side of Australia?! Still, exciting to think about travel again.

07. Trash viewing: Bling Empire. It’s crazy.

08. New (yellow) sandals that felt like slippers as soon as I wore them.

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  1. 1. The paddock where my truck and trailers are parked was the scene for the latest WA police recruitment ad. Maybe my truck is famous now. (But I’m not going to turn on the tv to find out).
    6. Celebration of my daughter’s wedding was put off for a year so that interstate family could attend. Scheduled for end of March it’s still touch and go.

    • Yeah, I rarely watch commercial TV so I’m unlikely to see the ad (it was for Tennis Australia – if it’s for the Australian Open, I won’t see it as I’m not a tennis fan at all).

      I think one thing we’ve all learnt this year is that things can change in an instant – fingers crossed all borders stay open going forward, and that your family can enjoy their March celebration.

      • Yes, we are (in my case very reluctantly) contemplating a trip on the Ghan. My usual excuse is that we should see Europe while we can, but now I think I can’t get out of it.
        (I’m hoping it’s already booked out.)

      • I think you’ll be lucky to get on the Ghan this year if you haven’t already booked it Lisa. The year we did it – and it wasn’t a year Aussies were stuck in Australia – we had to book the year before (having learnt the year before that it was too late to book for that year)

        BTW Why book a holiday you don’t want to do? Leave it for those who do want to do it? Seriously, though, I think Aussies should (ok, I shouldn’t say should!) mix up seeing Australia with visiting overseas. I (used to) hate travelling overseas and finding they had seen more of Australia than I had. I’ve rectified that now and feel I can travel overseas happy in the knowledge that I can be knowledgable about my own place?

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