Things that are making me happy this week

01. I’m a little late posting, but that’s because I finished last week and started this week in Anglesea, for two days of surfing with the kids. It was glorious.

02. The new book newsletter, Booklist, edited by Jason Steger.

03. The fact that an all-consuming presentation at work is done, and that I’m almost finished my uni assessments for the year.

04. Line-dried towels that are like loofahs.

05. My German is nowhere near up to it but I find listening to Peter Wohlleben’s podcast about forests immensely relaxing.

06. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

07. Couples Therapy one-hour special. Orla is a rockstar.

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    • Had a good view last night in Anglesea. Apparently it was better tonight (cloudy and rain here), and will be even better tomorrow night. FIngers crossed you catch a glimpse!

  1. Yes, cloudy here too… reminds me of when I hurtled down after work to the unpolluted skies of Buchan South three hours away to stay with a friend, to see Halley’s Comet. And of course the clouds rolled in and we couldn’t see a thing.
    But it wasn’t a wasted trip. It’s beautiful in that part of the world and we went walking where she could identify multiple varieties of maidenhair ferns.

    Re the Booklist: really, the last thing I need is another email promoting books, but I’ve signed up to encourage the Head Honcho at Fairfax into keeping books on his agenda.

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