Things that are making me happy this week

01. Night swimming.

02. My very favourite shampoo – it’s scented with coconut (combined with the lingering smell of chlorine, summer is in reach).

03. Still on pools – one of my pools (I have four in my 5km zone) sent an email regarding changes to the booking system. They used the word ‘pivot’, and included a picture of this. Gosh I laughed.

04. Nonfiction November announcement.

05. Ducklings! There’s eleven and we’re visiting them almost every day.

06. I rarely buy new perfumes (I stick to favourites), but Sailing Day has made the cut.

07. Thanks to Atlas Masterclass, we’ve had our own Oktoberfest this week (or should that be Loktoberfest?). The Currywurst was tasty, the Rรถsti delicious, but the surprising winner was a zucchini, asparagus and dill salad – I’ll be making it again.

08.The bit where the policeman comes in! (itโ€™s an opera link)

09. I love Olive and Mabel so much.

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  1. 1. Glad you were able to get swimming time. I always associate night swimming with freezing as I emerge from the water and dashing to grab my towel.
    8. The volume of the singing must have been amazing. I sympathise with the children putting their hands over their ears, and with the ones irresistibly drawn to start shouting.

  2. i was surprised by the asparagus, zucchini and dill salad, and we will definitely have the red cabbabe warm salad again too.

    Our next Atlas Masterclass adventure is going to be France!

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