Things that are making me happy this week

01. Swimming (almost). My pool is 4.9km away – thank god. Bring on September 28.

02. Seeing the ISS zoom over Melbourne.

03. I’ve started watching a bunch of new shows this week – I Hate Suzie (Stan); Pen15 (Stan); The Salisbury Poisonings (SBS); The Duchess (Netflix).

04. This puzzle was just lovely to do.

05. Bibliotherapy for COVID anxieties – a podcast by State Library of Victoria.

06. I loved hearing Meg Mason talk about her wonderful new novel, Sorrow and Bliss.

07. The online fun continues – Sigrid Nunez in convo with Charlotte Wood.

08. I have performed poorly on reading challenges this year but having a look at what’s in my TBR stack so that I can join in German Literature Month. And if the TBR stack is lacking, I have an excuse to go shopping here.

09. Father’s Day deliciousness – croissants from Lune (including an amazing collab with Starward Whiskey) and cannoli filled with Negroni ricotta. Genius.

10. And speaking of, Negroni Week starts on Monday. Campari have helpfully created free e-books with classic and ‘creative’ recipes.

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  1. restrictions are easing a little it seems? you’ve had such a tough time of it in Victoria. We’re going in the opposite direction in the UK with spikes in some areas and only likely to increase as the university terms start

    • Restrictions haven’t quite eased yet, but there’s the promise on the horizon, and that’s enough to keep us going. It seems ‘second-waves’ are inevitable, it’s just a matter of when… I imagine that the return to school etc will be a tricky time. Our kids have been home-learning basically since March.

    • Totally sucked in by the first episode. I have absolute no memory of the event being on the news in Australia – obviously it would have been but it by-passed me, so I don’t really know what’s going to happen.

  2. The Salisbury Poisonings- Yes! I’m looking forward to German Lit Month too as it happens to be at that time last year when I discovered the world of book blogs, book tube and actually decided to keep a record of my reading. Oh yes what joy to have a really good swim. Thanks!

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