Things that are making me happy this week

01. My baby turned 18.

02. And just because we’re in lockdown, doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing cake (thanks to Something About Cake) – that ‘Canon’ is all chocolate cake.

03. My team’s thrilling win after the siren (to keep their season alive) – seriously, Carlton have played havoc with my blood pressure this season.

04. Melbourne Writers Festival – highlights were Elizabeth Strout, and the convo between Charlotte Wood and Tegan Bennett Daylight.

05. Melbourne International Film Festival – Some Kind of Heaven (my heart broke for Barbara…. I hope she’s doing okay) and Lara (if you want a crushing story about mother/son attachment, this is it).

06. Don’t ordinarily go for novelty gin but made an exception for Poor Toms because who doesn’t have fun with a pina colada in hand?

07. Fleishman is in Lockdown (because Fleishman is in Trouble was a fun read).

08. The Crown S4 trailer.



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  1. Happy birthday and *wink* congratulations to you for surviving the teenage years!
    I had a look at that cake site, they have some incredible designs.
    I was too intimidated to do the WW birthday cake thing, and The Offspring didn’t like sweet things anyway, so I used to get Peter’s ice-cream cakes, driving all the way out to Mulgrave to pick them up. Now they are disgusting pink bits of frou-frou in a box, but back then you could even get an elephant.. which turned out to be a nightmare to ‘carve’ but we loved it anyway.
    What’s making me happy this week is that my seedlings have sprouted (and are being nursed inside because of the weather); my jasmine is in bloom and my rhododendron is putting on a stunning display, I have read four fabulous books this week, and Vera *and* Shetland are back!

  2. The conversation between Charlotte Wood and Tegen Bennett Daylight was superb. Probably the best best digital event in a year full of such …

  3. Oh, that cake is amazing! And am with you on the MWF. I saw 5 sessions and my favourite was the convo between Charlotte & Tegan… so much of what they said chimed with me.

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