Things that are making me happy this week

01. The Booksellers documentary (it’s glorious) – I was in the cinema as Melbourne’s lockdown 2.0 was announced…

02. Podcast interview with Lisa Taddeo – answers so many of the questions I had about how she wrote Three Women.

03. A card given to me by a friend (she’s ace at writing cards) – it has the loveliest message.

04. It’s true that I own a million mint green nail polishes, but not all mint greens are created equal. This.

05.  John Hughes tribute.

06. Readings Monthly is back – hooray!

07. This post about book jackets (I’m obsessed with the cover of the Popkey).



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    • I think that’s the worry – one or two ‘mistakes’ and now it’s almost out of control. When I saw pics yesterday of people crowded in front of pubs in Sydney, I thought ‘Enjoy it… you’ll be back in lockdown in a fortnight’ – too many being complacent and thinking it’s all over once restrictions were eased. I think the reality is we will be living in and out of lockdown until a vaccine is found.

  1. {Screaming!!!} Thank you so much for telling us about The Booksellers!!!! Like the guy in the trailer said “The internet killed the hunt!”

    YouTube has the best rental price of $3.99. Amazon Prime rental is $4.99. I’ve never watched a movie via YouTube so will try it with this one! But first I have to take care of a few chores and tasks and then that will be my reward at the end of a busy day!!

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