Things that are making me happy this week

01. Art in pools.

02. Not as good as drinking it in situ but this is very good (and such a pretty bottle). Related: alas

03. You had me at ‘cult patisserie’ (and the fact that they sell their cake be weight).

04. Love Life (on Stan in Australia) – is funny and real and has the right amount of drama.

05. I also needed some really trashy tv. Don’t judge. But so many questions – like what’s with all the fireplaces in LA? Isn’t it hot – why do they need fireplaces in every room? And don’t the stilettos damage the wooden floors? Am I overthinking it?

06. Found my high school German text books – fascinating because they predate the Berlin Wall falling, and the text is very much ‘DDR’ versus ‘BRD’.

07. And saving the best for last – seeing dear friends for the first time in months.


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  1. I don’t have a sweet tooth at all but that patisserie looks absolutely delicious. I’ve probably been in lockdown too long if I’m craving sweets…

    No.5 – You’re not overthinking it at all – we need answers!

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