Things that are making me happy this week

01. Rosie Made a Thing always makes me happy but I particularly loved this one.

02. Normal People (on Stan in Australia) – it’s perfection.

03. New lists –

    • three tasks/ projects that I want to complete before lockdown is over (so I won’t feel like my time was ‘wasted’ when everyone else is bragging about lockdown achievements);
    • three things that I am looking forward to doing post-lockdown (swimming is no.1 on that list);
    • three things that I’ve been doing in lockdown that I want to continue afterwards (on that list is only going to the shops once a week – a little planning goes a long way).

04. Backgammon.

05. Walks with my friend Sam.

06. Louis Theroux’s new podcast, Grounded – first ep is with Jon Ronson 🙂

07. Receiving packages in the mail – fun.

08. WordPress Classic Editor (I changed to Gutenberg for a nanosecond and it was a hot mess).

09. Neon nail polish.

10. After Life S2 – I asked Mr Books to bring me a tissue. Luckily he brought the whole box (note: if there is a S3, I’ll lose my shit if anything happens to Anne or Brandy).

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      • During my very brief try I realised that I would have to start writing and editing my posts in Word and then dumping them in as a completed ‘block’… that’s possible but not at all how I have done things to date (I have dozens of drafts, record my thoughts on books in dot points as I go; and then write the post). I will CRY when they discontinue Classic.

  1. I’m in agreement on changing my shopping habits. It saves so much time to just do it once a week especially since we re being told we can expect queuing to continue for some time after lockdown ends.

    Sorry yiu didn’t get in with Gutenberg. I would urge you to keep going with it. The classics editor will be removed next year….

  2. What a nice positive post. Yes, we have to look out for the positive things in our life now. Love the image, so true!

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