Lately – summer edition

Anticipating: my time at the beach – last summer I had snow, so I’m hanging out for salty water, sand and sun.

Coveting: Extremely expensive and extremely lovely.

Listening: to audiobooks – my library finally got some decent titles and I have a dozen in my queue.

Making: gingerbread, using the lederhosen gingerbread cutters we bought in Germany.

Feeling: Proud (because my son was selected to be part of the Canon Red Straps mentoring program).

Needing: my frozen shoulder to resolve (it’s making swimming very difficult).

Reading: Night Fishing by Vicki Hastrich – its quiet, meditative tone is the perfect foil for the festive cray-cray.

Watching: On Becoming a God in Central Florida (for everyone whose friend has tried to sell them a cleaning cloth/ lipstick/ lingerie/ vitamins)

Wearing: these (I lived in them in the nineties).

Loving: Clare Whitney ceramics.

Wondering: if a trip to NYC would be out of the question… (Sing Street the Musical).

Aiming: to do some more study next year – I’ve had a year off and I miss it.

Wishing: my next trip to Berlin is in summer time so that I can swim here.

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  1. Oh here’s to the frozen shoulder resolving. I had that last year. Could not use my arm at all… could barely dress myself and had to wash my hair one-handed. Physiotherapy did not help. The pain (especially the muscle spasms) was unbearable. It took 9 months of trying everything before the NHS agreed to give me an experimental treatment: a saline injection in my shoulder joint. It resolved instantly: I could lift and swing my arm about as per normal! That was October 2018. It has been fine ever since, even though I was told it would probably stiffen up again in 6 to 8 weeks.

    • My physio has been terrific – I had about three months of excruciating pain but it has eased a little after lots of exercises and the spasms have stopped. The doctor prescribed the saline injection but, without boring you with the details, I’ve decided to hold off (because of the variable results) and see how I am going at the end of January – I have a theory that time in salty water fixes everything, so I’ll try that before putting the salty water IN my shoulder joint! Glad for you that it worked and you’re pain free (assuming you discovered that frozen shoulder is an auto-immune response that lasts a year and mostly occurs in middle-aged women?? I have two friends with the same problem at the moment!).

  2. I promised a family member I’d make a trip to NYC possible to come visit so here’s hoping we can both make that happen! 🙂

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