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01. With the football season over, my dear friend Sam and I have moved our weekly ‘therapy walks’ to spots along the Yarra (in footy season, we walk the oval where our kids train – it’s not as lovely as the river).

02. In other news… I got a new job! Can’t say much more about it other than the fact that I am thrilled.

03. Finally got to a couple of the movies on my list – Pavarotti (made me cry. Particularly loved the bit when Bono said “…the music has been performed thousands of times but what makes Pavarotti unique is that he allows his heart to break every single time…”  ); Blinded by the Light (such fun), and Parallel Lives (although I wasn’t convinced by the format, there was so much in this doco that I hadn’t seen before).

04. Is this even legal? It seems disrespectful to food on multiple levels.

05. Related: I have to cater for 14 for Christmas lunch and 11 for Christmas dinner… on the upside, I won’t have to leave the house so my Christmas Day will be heavily gin based.

06. Fairly sure I’ve already posted this TED talk about dementia but it’s worth watching again.

07. Pool life.

08. I’ve mentioned my TV habits previously (refresher: I read well and watch crap).

09. Obsessed with Hanami nail polish (particularly Pink Moon and Tides).

10. Saw the MTC production of White is the New Black last night. So funny – get to it if you can, Melburnians.

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  1. 1. I know roughly where you live, but what bridge is that bluestone arch?
    2. Congratulations
    3. I’m going to see Judy today. Milly put the kybosh on Pavarotti.
    5. Hope you are getting assistance (apart from gin)

    • 1. First pic is the new bridge near Dight’s Falls; second pic is Kew Billabong; third is the fly fishing practice pond; and bluestone arch is near Collingwood Children’s Farm (a Studley Park Road/ Johnston St underpass).

      2. Thank you!

      3. Judy is on my list as well. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

      5. I better….

    • Thank you for that! The puddings are already done for this year but I’ll print that recipe for future reference.

      The bit that I find tiresome about Christmas Day is all the dirty dishes….

      • Yes…
        Your options are: give in to feelings of guilt about the environment and use paper plates, or to co-opt slave labour.
        Mind you, I’ve never had to do two in one day. On the 25th, we have Xmas lunch in a restaurant with friends so that The Offspring can have Xmas with the EX and (separately) do his wife’s family, and then we have the Full Catastrophe at my place on Boxing Day. (I do love to have a Proper English Christmas and I bung on with the posh crockery and glassware). But — this is the clever bit, we eat that at 3.30pm for 4.00pm, so we can still sleep in on Boxing Day, have an idle breakfast, and nobody has to get up at the crack of dawn to put the turkey on because ‘lunch’ is so late. It’s all over by 7pm. Plus, The Offspring is a feminist’s child: he still does what he used to do when he lived at home: he keeps working at whatever needs to be done until all the work is done.

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