Sample Saturday – non-fiction picks

Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye.

How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan

Why I have it: Continuing the theme of Ayelet Waldman’s A Really Good Day.

Summary: Explores the use of psychedelic drugs for treating mental illness and for changing our ‘worldview’. 

Other scientists are using psychedelics in conjunction with new brain-imaging tools to explore the links between brain and mind… 

I’m thinking: Yes – it was the ‘brain and mind’ bit that got me.

Stasiland by Anna Funder

Why I have it: Because seriously, how have I not read this?

Summary: Funder tells extraordinary tales from the underbelly of the former East Germany.

I’m thinking: Yes.

A Better Death by Ranjana Srivastava

Why I have it: Came across it in palliative care reading.

Summary: Explores what it means to ‘die well’ (essentially, be prepared to contemplate our your mortality and to broach it with loved ones).

Somehow, amid all the advances of drugs and technology, medicine forgot to allow for people to die.

I’m thinking: Yes (but it will be for my work reference shelf rather than leisure reading).

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    • I was completely hooked by the sample and suspect it is one I will buy before my year of testing samples is over (I normally wait until the end of the year and choose 15 samples that I really, really want and then buy the books… sometimes I can’t wait!).

  1. I’m interested in palliative care professionally too, so A Better Death sounds good.

    I keep meaning to read more about East Germany so I’ll be really interested to hear how you get on with Stasiland!

    • A Better Death seems almost like a reference book – it’s clearly set out and the kind of text you might dip into rather than read from start to finish.

      I’ve read Funder’s novel, All That I Am, and love it. Still can’t quite believe I haven’t read Stasiland. Given our recent trip to Germany, I’m thinking I should buy it for my husband, for his upcoming birthday, and then just nab it straight away – that’s okay, isn’t it?

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