Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Obsessed by the thought of this (particularly the staircase bit).

02. I may be the last person in the world to read the 2019 winner of the Women’s Prize for Fiction however I’d set it as my book group’s selection for this month, prior to the announcement, so I’ll get to it soon. Oddly, I also set my group the Stella Prize winner before the Stella announcement… I’m taking bribes for 2020.

03. Louis Theroux is coming to Australia. Count me in. He’s empathy on legs that man.

04. Saw MTC’s Heisenberg last week. I laughed and cried. Fantastic.

05. A friend of a friend is in Berlin, directing the movie version of Anna Funder’s All That I Am. I know, right?! Can’t wait.

06. Sweetbitter S2!

07. The Podiatrist of Birkenau

08. Why quantify your leisure reading? This article on reading challenges.

09. Emma Jane Unsworth on post-natal depression.

10. Hooray! The Capitol has reopened (read about its restoration here). Architect Robin Boyd described it as “the best cinema that was ever built or is ever likely to be built.” I agree.

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  1. LOL I read that article about Goodreads reading goals, including this bit: “One of the key things [the researcher] found was that “the only difference between a nonreader and a reader is that a reader has a plan for future reading and a nonreader does not.”
    Nonsense. This implies that all readers have plans. I’ve been a reader all my life and I grew up in a family of readers; I married a reader and had a child who’s a reader – and apart from a couple of years which I still can’t adequately explain, I haven’t had reading plans at all and neither has anyone else I know.

  2. 1. I still don’t get it…
    2. Nope, as usual I am behind the loop!
    7. 😀
    8. I’ve never set a book target as I know I’d always fail, but I like challenges like AW80Books because it encourages me to pick up books that might have passed me by otherwise. But given how slowly that challenge is going, I’m definitely never going to be the ‘400 books by the end of the year’ person!
    9.Brilliantly written and much needed. I’ve no kids myself but I’ve seen PND in friends and its brutal.
    10. Stunning! Watching films there will feel like a proper old-time treat 🙂

  3. I mean we are encouraged to set goals in multiple aspects of our lives, so why not reading? Mine is a reasonably arbitrary number that I can usually comfortably meet. I also like book challenges because they motivate me to stray out of my ‘reading’ comfort zone, but to be fair it’s a lot easier to successfully participate in challenges when you read 100+ books a year compared to only 20 a year.

  4. Interesting look at reading challenges and why people set them and how they work for different types. This was my first year setting a solid goal and so far it has spurred me to read more than ever, but it does create a level of pressure that wasn’t there before.

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