Lately (Summer Edition)

Feeling: pleased with recent CloudSpotter additions (a cap cloud and a Fallstreak Hole). I realise the pic isn’t particularly exciting but I’ve been on the lookout for a Fallstreak for years

Listening: to a raft of new-to-me podcasts – Change Agent, Hit Parade, BelievedThe Dream and UnErased

Enjoying: the sunshine after weeks of the European winter

Making: a list for our next international dinner (this year it’s Argentina)

Reading: four books at once (I usually limit myself to three)

Watching: You’re the Worst – everything I look for in tele

Needing: to get my holiday photos sorted asap (or I’ll forget important details)

Coveting: this evening bag (sparkly things make me smile)

Wearing: glittery eye shadow in Kitten Karma (see above)

Loving: that one of my kids is now studying biology and we have long talks about DNA

Aiming: to make some Stella longlist predictions

Anticipating: all the reading time that is going to be available given that I’m not studying this year

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  1. Love that bag, and the eyeshadow! I was wondering the other day if now I’m in my 40s I should give up my glittery toenails, and then immediately decided that one day I’m going to be the 80 year old (hopefully) rocking sparkly toes 🙂

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