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01. Dragged the children to the MoMA exhibition this week. I didn’t take pics of my favourite pieces (too busy enjoying) – a Le Corbusier scale model of Villa Sayoye and a small Matisse canvas that was amazingly vibrant.

I watched the airport departures board included in the exhibition for ages – you don’t realise what you miss until you see it again… the soft whir of the board clicking over was deeply nostalgic.

02. It was my last Melbourne Writers Festival Audience Advocate meeting yesterday. They poured us a glass of wine, motioned to the bookshelves stuffed with new releases and ARCs and said “Take whatever you want.” Is that the best night ever?!

03. How audiobooks are made.

04. More book-to-films that I need to see (particularly Beautiful Boy and The Children Act) and also here (do I bother with My Brilliant Friend…?).

05. Things I’ve been watching: Exposed (I’ve been following the Keli Lane case for years) and Tick F***ing Tock, a documentary about the Doug Anthony Allstars (who I saw perform countless times during the 80s and 90s – note that I spent every performance in fear that I would be targeted for audience participation).

06. And I’ve earmarked this to watch – How ‘Mad’ Are You?

07. It’s nearly time for Nonfiction November – I’m planning on participating each week.

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    • We were all as polite as we could be but there was a feeling of frenzy in the air. I picked up a couple I’d wanted for ages (A Really Good Day by Ayelet Waldman and Some Tests by Wayne Macauley); a couple of ones related to work (pop-psych stuff) and a new Aus title, Little Gods by Jenny Ackland.

  1. 1. MoMA paired with Perth 3 or 4 years ago, I went, but the cretins here gave it up half way (insufficient mining related exhibits probably).
    3. Always impressed with readers picking up ‘”…”, she whispered’ before they actually get to it.
    5. You and I probably bumped shoulders at a DAAS concert. Never got audience participated by them, but did by the Topp Twins one memorable night.

    • DAAS concerts were that weird mix of terror and love! Looking back, it was odd that they were so successful – a mix of comedy, music and politics… I know you probably don’t get much time for tv but if you can look the doco up on iview I think you’d enjoy it.

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