Lately (Spring edition)

Listening: Podcasts – Teacher’s Pet (gripping, as good as Serial); MDWAP (S4 is heaven on a hat stand); and Slow Burn (a new perspective on the Clinton/ Lewinsky/ Tripp situation)

Feeling: snowed under by the amount of essays/ log-books/ case studies I have to write for uni

Enjoying: the spring blooms in my garden

Making: G&Ts with Four Pillars Dry Island Gin

Reading: the sumptuous Living on Water

Watching: UnREAL S4

Needing: to lock-in Christmas holiday details – travel plans for six people can’t be done at the last minute

Loving: Peaches + Keen earrings

Wanting: One of each of these… (actually, just Lee Lin and ONJ)

Wearing: I have two weddings to go to early next year, so this frock.

Aiming: to book a couple of professional development courses for next year. How is it nearly 2019?!

Anticipating: Heathers reboot


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  1. Lovely photos! Spring is my favourite season. I’m enjoying autumn here too though.

    I hope you’re not toooo snowed under at uni. You’ll get there! (I am the eternal student so I relate, even though I’ve had 2 whole years without study now, which is weird)

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