Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. I went to a couple of MEL NYC dinners last week. The winner was the Starward Distillery’s whiskey cocktails and ‘street food’ event. Cocktails were spectacular, food delicious and the venue was superb. 

02. Saw two movies recently (I don’t see a movie for six months and then do two in a week…) – The Breaker Upperers and The Wife. Both were terrific.

03. It’s Book Week parade at my daughter’s school tomorrow. She’s going as Smile by Raina Telgemeier.

04. This article about laughter by Charlotte Wood (with quotes from Anita Brookner, Anne Enright and Elizabeth Strout).

05. Work is going to get in the way of some of the Melbourne Writers Festival events I’d booked. Can’t do anything about it (but devastated).

06. You know when you find a new local restaurant and it’s your instant favourite? That. Would it be rude to drink the Béarnaise sauce from the jug? *asking for a friend*

07. Stop everything. The Hills is back.

08. I’m temporarily addicted to Song Pop (needed a light diversion after finishing this book). I’m killing the 80s Love Songs category.

09. I haven’t added a new cloud to my cloud-spotting list for months, so had to quickly pull-over when I spied the rare and fleeting pileus – I like to think of it as the comb-over cloud.

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  1. I need to study up on my clouds! We have such beautiful cloud formations here over my mountains. I’m always taking pictures but don’t remember from school which is which.

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