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01. I took my daughter to the Katy Perry Witness concert last week. As always, Perry was FUN, energetic, and wearing amazing costumes. Highlights: the staging for Swish Swish and the eighties South Beach vibe for her Teenage Dream set (bad pics but you get the idea).

02. I can’t redo my Six Degrees post but I did think of an alternative first link – when I saw the movie version of Atonement I was in a cinema with very few people. The film had been going 20 minutes when a mouse ran on to the arm of the seat next to me. I am so scared of mice (I know, it’s ridiculous) but after that, I couldn’t concentrate on the film. I should have just left but I knew it was the last weekend the movie was showing.  Needless to say, I finished the movie a nervous wreck. My first link could have been to Stuart Little by E. B. White.

03. I need to add The Wife to the list of things I’ll be seeing before reading.

04. I was reminded by Anglers Rest that a miniseries of The Miniaturist was made – does anyone know if it as shown in Australia? I’ll be cross if I missed it.

05. Look at these swimming-themed book jackets (compiled by Fictionophile) – nice.

06. I’ve only listened to two episodes but so far, loving the podcast, Household Name.

07. I’ve been reminded of two important things this week: firstly, sometimes ‘good’ people do ‘bad’ things. It happens. Don’t be too quick to judge. Secondly, on the topic of judging, remember that you never really know what shit people have going on in their lives.

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    • 07. But defined by one isolated incident? It’s difficult when a single bad decision triggers depression/ anxiety that then results in a downward spiral (obviously I’m thinking about a specific case and context is important but I’ve heard some harsh comments in the past few days that I feel reveal more about the person making the comment than who they are talking about!).

      • Yes, I answered thoughtlessly. Sorry!

        It’s interesting writing ‘public’ journals to consider how much I’m willing (or not willing) to reveal about my own mistakes/bad behaviour.

      • No, not thoughtlessly, just without context 🙂 I always think of this TED talk when I think about how bad decisions have far-reaching consequences (skip to the 2 minute, 23 second mark – she nails it!).

        Blogging represents a fraction of my life and honestly just the good bits – that’s deliberate because blogging is my happy place and I want to keep it that way. The bad bits/ bad decisions would be another blog altogether 😀

  1. Thanks for pointing me towards the Houshold Words podcast. I listen to podcasts to keep me entertained while on the treadmill so am always looking for new shows. This one sounds fascinating.

  2. Love those Katie Perry sets 🙂

    07. Wise words. I agree totally. One of my first jobs I worked with a really horrible woman. She was awful – never pleasant even once, humiliated me in a meeting over something that wasn’t my fault when I was junior & she was quite senior, known for being grim by all. Then she left and I met her a couple of years later. She looked totally different. She hadn’t changed her appearance in any way, but she looked totally different: smiley, relaxed, welcoming, lovely. Turned out she’d been covering 3 peoples jobs, was unsupported by her boss, the team lead was a nightmare… etc. She taught me a lot that day!

  3. 7 is my starting point, always. Well, it’s my philosophical starting point even if sometimes I fail to act by it. I think it’s a critical way to be in the world.

    3. I’m planning to see The wife, but don’t feel I need to read the book for every film I see.

    2. Who says you can’t do twixSix Degrees? I don’t see that it the rules! I’d love to see where you went from Stuart little.

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