Lately (Autumn edition)

Listening: to Robbie (because I saw him in Melbourne AND Mt Duneed Estate.

Feeling: thrilled to have been selected as one of ten Audience Advocates for the 2018 Melbourne Writers Festival.

Enjoying: Bitmoji far more than is appropriate for a person in their mid-forties.

Making (not yet but will be): shaved roasted pumpkin – tried at Ethos Foodstore (it’s an insanely good way to put pumpkin in sandwiches and salad).

Reading: too many books – I have six on the go, which is three more than usual.

Watching: Howard’s End.

Loving: my new digital voice recorder – acquired for a particular task, using it for all sorts of things.

Needing: to say ‘no’ to a few things…

Coveting: this blazer. I can’t make the ‘cost-per-wear’ calculation work…yet.

Wishing: that more bands would do some ABBA remakes (an ABBA version of If I Were a Carpenter perhaps?)

Wanting: to go here as soon as it opens.

Aiming: to rip into the Stella shortlist.

Anticipating: John Irving’s next book (it has a title now – Darkness as a Bride).


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    • I LOVE roasted pumpkin but normally it’s chunky! This was sliced paper-thin and then roasted – it was kind of caramelised and frilly – delicious!

  1. I’m definitely making the pumpkin thing – yum!

    That is such a great picture of Robbie 😀

    With the blazer, don’t forget to add in a quality of life calculation: cost/per wear + QOL value = bargain! (I only scraped through my Maths exams but I’m expert in justifying expenditure on stuff I really want)

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