Lately (Spring edition)

Feeling: somewhat anxious about the YES vote (worried people will be complacent about voting, a la Brexit and Trump).
Enjoying: the start of daylight saving (because it means summer is just around the corner).
Making:  semester-end plans.
Drinking: Hansells cordials (with soda, but I feel there are gin possibilities…)
Reading: oddly, I’m not really engrossed in anything at the moment.
Watching: #ALLTHETHINGS (because recently got Netflix). Particularly enjoying Friends from College.
Anticipating: John Irving’s new book (he’s hinted that it’s set in Vienna) AND his Garp mini-series. Woohoo!
Listening: Griefcast (because grief-lit isn’t enough??).
Loving: the eighties vibe in Sabrina Dehoff’s Citadine collection.
Needing: to finish unpacking crap in the spare room (which I’m referring to as the ‘indoor garage’)
Coveting: this bag from A-Esque. And/or this one.
Wishing: I had an unlimited travel budget and oodles of time (see below).
Wanting: to make some firm 2018 holiday plans (because in 2019 and beyond we’ll have seven years straight of senior students in the house and long family holiday opportunities will be over).
Wearing: these earrings (more eighties vibe).
Aiming: to start swimming more regularly again.


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  1. I’m not anxious at all about the yes vote ‘survey’ although what the parliamentary implementation will look like is a camel of another colour.

    I understand your aim. I swam 11 km a week up to Feb. and zero since.

    As for all your other ings I’ve barely been home for months and the gin in the freezer remains untouched.

  2. Everything crossed for the vote.

    There are always gin possibilities!

    Love the earrings 🙂

    Whenever you do a ‘Lately’ post I have the Stevie Wonder song in my head the rest of the day – no bad thing 😉

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