Six Degrees of Separation – from Pride and Prejudice to Swing Time

It’s time for #6degrees. Join in and thrill us with your clever links!

Given that we’ve recently marked 200 years since Jane Austen’s death, it seemed fitting to begin this month’s chain with the universally loved Pride and  Prejudice.

You may be wondering how I skip from Pride to the Sweet Valley High series by Francine Pascal… It’s via these:

Yes, I have both Jane Austen and Sweet Valley High board games.

Sweet Valley High is set in California, which brings to mind California by Edan Lepucki. I was completely seduced by the cover of this book and paid no regard to what it was actually about before requesting an ARC… which was silly because apocalyptic fiction is really not my thing.

Should have learnt a lesson but did the same with The First Rule of Swimming by Courtney Brkic – loved the cover, obtained an ARC, but still haven’t read it…

Which brings me to Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller – a gorgeous story in which both swimming and books feature (my favourite things!).

I have a swimming story in my TBR stack that has received lots of positive reviews – The Last Wave by Gillian Best.

The Last Wave seems to be a strong contender for the Not the Booker Prize. I’m using the Booker as my final link to Swing Time by Zadie Smith, which is on this year’s Booker longlist.

From a British classic and a teen classic to cover design, swimming and potential prize winners, that’s #6degrees for another month.

I wonder where other chains will lead? Link up below (or add your link in the Comments section).

Next month (September 2, 2017), we’ll begin with a book that everyone was reading in the nineties, Wild Swans by Jung Chang.

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  1. I do love how your six degrees go in all different directions. I couldn’t help myself, I went from Pride and Prejudice to another Jane Austen novel, Sense and Sensibility. Then to The Hate Race by Maxine Beneba Clarke, followed by The Family Man by Catherine Harris. The final two: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy; and The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

    • I was tempted to link to Curtis Sittenfeld’s Eligible which I just finished reading last week but figured when else would I ever get to show off the only two book-related board games I own?!

  2. I never played the board game, but I did devour the Sweet Valley High books as a teenager – I heard this week that they’re going to make a television show based on that series; do you know if that’s true? I also had a fairly random connection between two of my books. I like the sound of California (I quite like apocalyptic fiction), and all the swimming titles.

    • I’m almost certain the game wasn’t available in Australia because I would have had it for sure (I got mine on ebay from th US – my kids play it all the time!). They are making a movie (I included a link in my post Bookish Thoughts this week).

    • One day I’ll be able to tell you if the story lives up to the cover and one day, when you drop by Melbourne, we can have a g&t and play a round of the Jane Game.

      • Do the standards meet Miss Bingley’s ?
        “No one can be really esteemed accomplished who does not greatly surpass what is usually met with. A woman must have a thorough knowledge of music, singing, drawing, dancing, all the modern languages, to deserve the word; and besides all this, she must possess a certain something in her air and manner of walking, the tone of her voice, her address and expressions, or the word will be but half deserved.”

        “All this she must possess,” added Darcy, “and to all this she must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading.”

        “I am no longer surprised at your knowing only six accomplished women. I rather wonder now at your knowing any.”

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  5. Great links, Kate. Not surprisingly, I have the P&P boardgame too.

    Wah, re Wild swans. Everyone was indeed reading it in the 90s, including my reading group, but I was living in the USA at the time, keeping in touch but reading other things. I bought the book but still haven’t read it.

  6. I LOVE that you have a SVH board game. Those books were such a big part of my life as a teenager- in retrospect they solidified my feelings of inadequacy and not-beautifulness. But I was addicted. (I was Elizabeth).

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