February Rewind


It’s usually slim-pickings in February – the return to school and uni generally means less reading time but I guess it’s about quality over quantity. Here’s the Feb rewind

2012: Mateship with Birds by Carrie Tiffany – she writes with such simplicity and power.

2013: The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell – I still don’t know what when on…

2014: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt – epic.

2015: Vanessa and Her Sister by Priya Parmar – one of the best fictionalised biographies (is that a thing?) I’ve read.

2016: Wilful Disregard by Lena Andersson – gripping.

2017: Lola Bensky by Lily Brett – so many layers, so simply executed.

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    • I can only do long AND dense occasionally – timing has to be right (maybe I just have a short attention span…).

      Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Brett. I’ll get to more of her books as soon as I’m finished my Stella Prize reading.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed Mateship – I still think about little Hazel.

      Wilful Disregard was one of those books that flew under the radar – I recommended it to lots of people but at the time, didn’t know anyone else who read it.

  1. I keep pushing off The Goldfinch but did it seriously already come out 3 years ago? lol Where does the time fly. Glad to hear you loved it though.

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