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01. After a long cloud-spotting drought, I finally logged something new – a 22° Halo. It’s an optical phenomena distinguished by the reddish tinge at the inner edge of the halo. Note: no retinas were harmed in the taking of this photo – I just aimed the camera in the general direction and hoped for the best.

02. Oh look at this!

03. Just watched the first episode of This Is Us. It was good.

04. The reality of my 2016-book-buying-ban hit on Tuesday night when I realised that I hadn’t read a single one of the Stella Prize 2017 longlist. Some I hadn’t even heard of (and I attribute that to the fact that, to a large extent, I’ve tuned out of the ‘new-release frenzy’).

05. Further thoughts about the Stella longlist – a few interesting omissions; heavily weighted toward memoir and non-fiction; god help me if Offshore and/or Victoria make the shortlist – I have Buckley’s of reading either of those (at 600+ pages each) during the Stella Book Group week-by-week read-along.

06. Hello Barry and your new album.

07. Really need to make these slow-cooked beef tacos.

08. So many people I know are cancelling travel plans to the US. And vowing not to visit while Trump remains as President.

09. And this is why book blogging is such a good idea.

10. Last but not least, the Australian Football League women’s competition started last week. Exciting times (not just because I have temporarily lured my Bombers-barracking-daughter over to Carlton on account of their women’s team).


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  1. It ended up being a gorgeous shot for not actually looking at it haha!
    Also, I wouldn’t want to come to the US either. *sigh*

    • When I’ve asked the people who are cancelling travel plans why, it’s one of two things – either it’s a boycott because they hate Trump OR they’re worried about safety in the US (the irony, right?!).

    • It’s fantastic, isn’t it? Even better, the games have been sell-outs and the AFL has scrambled to move them to bigger grounds – a nice problem to have!

    • Agree. They’ve only shown the first episode here but the tone and feel of the show is great (and I just loved the ‘twist’ in the first ep – the advertisements leading up to the show implied something different).

  2. I love This Is Us…and that portable gin bar. I am all in favor of “re-purposing” things. I use a barbecue cart for a shelf in my office. It has served as a bar, too.

    I made sure to renew my passport…just in case I need to go to Canada…LOL. I am not happy about events here…but I’m hoping that something will happen to turn things around. My One Word this year is Hope.


  3. Love the gin bar. I won’t let Trump stop me from visiting anywhere that takes my fancy. He doesn’t deserve that and America is a wonderful place to travel. Love your post today and have not seen This Is Us yet. Might chase it up if I see it in guide again. The AFL for women is absolutely brilliant. It’s more than about time. Hope your weekend goes well. Read about the gratitude journal. I won’t start today bc I have a dentist appt. Might have to wait until tomorrow. 🙂 ( I agree about Victoria, made me laugh)

  4. The cloud spot is awesome!

    Interesting longlist for this year’s Stella Prize; I admit I think I only heard of Julia Baird’s Victoria the Queen in passing but I think that’s what I enjoy most about this prize, I come across new titles I wouldn’t have necessarily have heard of otherwise 🙂

  5. I grew up (well, spent my 20s – 30s) having tacos with minced beef so didn’t discover slow cooked (anything) until more recently and much prefer them!

    I loved This is Us as well. I guessed the time thing but not the relationship thing. Can’t wait for more eps.

    And that pic is lovely!

    • I make a super-easy shredded chicken in the slow-cooker and although I’ve tried a few beef recipes I haven’t found one that I really love. Hopefully this is it.

  6. I think I’m going to be having your Stella Prize moment this summer when the Booker prize longlist comes out and I wont have read any of them. Probably I wont have heard of many of them either since – as a strategy for avoiding the temptation of book buying – I am deleting promotional emails from publishers. So I dont even know whats coming out!

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