Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


01. Our German dinner was such fun (have been eating lots of greens since, to strike some balance…).

02. We did end up making our own Mohrenkopf. Nearly had a nervous breakdown in the process (very fiddly).


03. I downloaded a bunch of podcasts a month ago but only now sifting through them. The measure of a good podcast? If I stay sitting in the car to listen to a bit more… So, My Dad Wrote a Porno is the current winner. Hilarious.

04. It’s not a porno as such – it’s erotic literature. You can buy the actual book, Belinda Blinked. Or there’s a special annotated edition.

05. Animals, the movie. Hope it reaches Australian shores.

06. I’ve always joked that if I was Minister for Health, I’d make everyone swim in the sea… (no thought about the logistics of this policy decision, obvs).

07. This blood orange tequila fizz.

08. Want versus need…

09. Saw Lion. Cried for two hours. So good.

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  1. Is that spaetzle in the first photo at the top? I love spaetzle- especially with cheese or with a stew and gravy. Your feast looks amazing, but I totally get the need for greens afterwards. I spent a ski season in Austria one year and after I left all I wanted was green vegies and salads 🙂

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