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01. Oh America… I can’t even…

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03. ABC Book Club – vote now for your favourite 2016 release.

04. I took a semester or two of cartography when I was at uni. I love maps but I don’t love maths so really, there was no future. Now I just stick to gazing at atlases and getting excited about things like this ‘AuthaGraph’ projection.


05. Weirdly reassuring that despite the shit-fest in the US, the top news story (after the election) in Melbourne was this. And apparently in Britain, it was this. #priorities

06. In the midst of what will no doubt be the beginning of a new and depressing chapter in world history, this made me laugh –


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  1. On behalf of my people, I am sorry.

    OH WAIT. My actual people are decent, smart folks who didn’t vote for that guy.

    But still, I get it. We are disgusted, shocked, humiliated, and fearful. Hopefully our senate can filibuster everything and lock up bills indefinitely.

    • And I think that’s the important point – half the people didn’t vote for him. It’s not representative.

      Interestingly, my kids are worried about the result. It was hard to shelter them from the election coverage over the last few months and, I’m partly to blame as I’ve been vocal about Trump when he’s been on the news etc. But what they said was this: my 9yo asked if Trump was going to start a world war because he was always so angry and fighting. My 13yo wondered if women would be ‘allowed’ to keep their jobs now Trump was President because ‘he doesn’t like women’. Obviously these opinions are skewed and very much reflect what they’ve seen on the news but I think it’s interesting that that’s what the kids see.

      Like you, I am reminding them that we live happily in a diverse community and that more broadly, bullies never prosper…

  2. Thanks for making me smile during an impossibly painful week. I’d like to think that things will start looking up, but I’m afraid that any sign of hope is at least 2 years away.

  3. This made me smile in a few different ways. I’m still in shock over the election and can’t even begin to really talk about it. It was nice in a way to find something else to look at – namely less chocolate for the same price! Thanks for sharing the basic truth that the world keeps going and will keep going even after things like this happen.

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