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01. Last week I spotted my first Asperitas cloud. It’s rare, so capturing it meant my position on the international cloud-spotters chart improved significantly.

02. I expect I’ll be pondering Hot Milk for a long time. Since I finished it, I’ve read lots of reviews, trying to grapple with #ALLTHEMESSAGES that I’ve no doubt missed. I liked this review (for its medusa references) – “Hot Milk is a joyful concoction of poetry, myth, fable, jokes…” and “This novel, this tango, is as luscious and cruel and funny as it is revelatory…”. I also like the last para in this review (but not the conclusion that as a narrative, it is wanting) – “As a series of images, the book exerts a seductive, arcane power, rather like a deck of tarot cards, every page seething with lavish, cryptic innuendo.”

03. This is my favourite blog post of the last month (from Robin, about blogging) and this one is a close second (from Jenny, about Wuthering Heights and food).

04. And if you liked the Wuthering Heights meal piece, check out the Jane Eyre and Villette equivalents.

05. Also, how did I not know there was an opera of Jane Eyre?

06. I’m getting my microbiome screened. It involves posting poo – you can’t dress that up in any way other than acknowledging that it’s weird.

07. Finishing with some Barry because I’m already excited about his 2017 tour.

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    • Thanks but not really… I’ve had a few lucky finds in the last few weeks but there are lots that I’m unlikely to ever get in the southern hemisphere. Maybe I need an extended holiday in Iceland…?

  1. Stunning atmospheric picture. Who knew there were so many different cloud formations and people who can identify them I can barely make out the difference between cumulus and nimbus.

  2. I adore cloud gazing! We recently got some great pics of a giant white cloud that trailed into a grey one and had rain at the edge. The photo showed the actual divide as if they’d been glued together! Great post!

  3. 1 – You just reminded me about the Cloudspotter app; it’s downloading as I type this.

    6 – My mum used to help with putting together bowel scan kits (the ones you get in chemists), then packaging them up for testing after they’d been smeared on. I was always fascinated by the fact that this was one of the few occasions you could put your poo in the post.

    • 1. You’ll be obsessed in no time. Prepare for an intense few weeks of cloud spotting as you cross off the major ones.
      6. Had never thought about posting poo until now…

      • I think I snapped an altostratus this morning, which is fine, but the moon was in the photo as well. I was very proud. Hopefully I’ve correctly identified the cloud though.

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