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01. I’m probably going to drink this a million times this summer.

02. And just like that I bought two books, using up the remainder of my 2016 book-buying-allowance (The Good People by Hannah Kent and Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf).

03. Isn’t it odd that they both have Kent in their names…?

04. On Monday my 14yo put on his school blazer. The sleeves ended two inches above his wrists. Huh…the blazer fitted him last Friday. Did he have his brother’s blazer on by mistake? No. Had it been cleaned and shrunk? No. He literally grew over the weekend… Isn’t that insane?!

05. I’ve mentioned my yet-to-be-officially-diagnosed-but-tests-suggest-rheumatoid-arthritis situation – I read this so basically I’m following doctor’s orders. Yay for me.

06. Lunched at Gontran Cherrier today – had an excellent baguette and a sensational Linzer tart. Bought a squid-ink baguette home for dinner just so that the kids can exclaim over black bread.

07. University applications take up a lot of time. A. Lot.

08. Barry Gibb is touring Australia next year. I cannot tell you how happy this news makes me.

09. Who’s watching Rosehaven? So much to love (emergency butcher; milk’s for cereal; “Just answer the phone and keep the ants out of the kitchenette.”)

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  1. I’m guessing Rosehaven is not available here…but I’m going to check.

    Love the look of that drink!

    Having three sons, I can recall those growth spurts. Alarming, right?

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

    • I don’t think Rosehaven will make it to your neck of the woods (and only just started here so if it does get to the US, might be a while).

      The growth spurts are exactly that – alarming. But reminds you how amazing the human body is.

  2. I didn’t see Rosehaven and am not sure if it’d be too…. (something). I wasn’t a fan of The Castle or Kath and Kim etc…. and wondered if it would be a bit over the top?

  3. Rheumatoid arthritis booooo. But gin yay! Drink up.

    Are you completing these uni applications for you or someone else? If you, what are you studying?

    I had no idea about Rosehaven until I saw a tweet (probably by you) about it. Cecilia Pacquola was on Have You Been Paying Attention last night and they showed a clip – it looks hilarious. I think I’ll be onto the old ABC iView on my lunch break today.

    How did your gin tour go on the weekend (or will you be providing a recap in the next Bookish and Not So Bookish Thoughts?).

    • Uni applications for me. I’ve been studying single subjects on and off for the last few years but planning on getting my act together for 2017 and focus! I’m applying for graduate courses in counselling. Fingers crossed.

      Get on the Rosehaven bandwagon quick smart – it’s very, very funny.

      Gin tour was brilliant. I will provide a little re-cap this week but I guess the main thing was that we got to visit a distillery that is not ordinarily open to the public and, the best bit, was to taste the gin as one of the botanicals was distilled (93% alcohol – eeek!).

      • I’m in the same boat as you – I’ve been doing a BA online for the last couple of years but haven’t been enrolling every study period, so I haven’t got as far as I’d like. I worked out the other day that if I keep going like this I’ll be studying past 2020 – which sounds horrible. So 2017 is my year for getting focused too! My uni applications don’t seem hard though (but I still get a bit confused with some things) – maybe it’s just because I’m online?

        So I watched the first episode of Rosehaven the other night and then I watched last night’s episode and it’s HILARIOUS. I find Celia and Luke hilarious no matter what they’re in, so it’s great that they’re doing this show together.

        I’m glad you had fun on the gin tour – did you get lots of take home gin? That’s my favourite thing about touring vineyards and stuff.

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