Sample Saturday – horses, friends, and lonely nights


Sample Saturday is when I wade through the eleventy billion samples I have downloaded on my Kindle. I’m slowly chipping away and deciding whether it’s buy or bye.

The Mare by Mary Gaitskill

Why I have it: On the 2015 Best of Best list.

Summary: Forty-something Ginger, a recovering alcoholic, and her partner, Paul, host poor inner-city kids at their farm over summer. Eleven-year-old Velvet arrives and Ginger is besotted. Meanwhile, Velvet is besotted with the horses stabled near Ginger’s farm.

I’m thinking: Maybe – loved the voice of Velvet, wasn’t so enamored with Ginger.

Private Citizens by Tony Tulathimutte

Why I have it: Because Susan mentioned her “weakness for novels which follow a handful of young people from the time they first become acquainted through the first few years of adult life.” – I have the same weakness.

Summary: Four college friends, dealing with adult life. Described as ‘Middlemarch for Millennials’.

I’m thinking: Yes (although vaguely concerned that there will be a whole bunch of A Little Life books on the way…)

Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf

Why I have it: Just seems to be one of those books that bloggers have said consistently good things about.

Summary: Widower Addie asks her neighbour, Louis – also a widower – if he might be willing to spend nights with her, in her bed, so they can have someone to talk with.

I’m thinking: Yes. Loved it from the very first page.

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  1. Thanks so much for the link, Kate. I suspect Private Citizens is very different from A Little Life. I haven’t read that so it’s hard to judge but the Tulathimutte is full on rampant satire. Absolutely loved the Haruf, too – I’m a huge fan of his writing – and I like the sound of Mare

  2. Our Souls at Night is a lovely read. I’ve also read, and enjoyed, Kent Haruf’s earlier novels, Plainsong and The Tie That Binds.

  3. I just bought an e-version of the Kent Haruf about 10 minutes ago – it was on offer and since I enjoyed the other novel by him that I read, I thought i’d give this one a go

  4. I also loved Our Souls At Night. Bought it on audiobook. Meant a bit of weeping while walking the dog in the fields of Essex but who cares! Beautiful book!

    • That’s lovely Col! I had a bit of a cry when I listened to Richard Flanagan’s Narrow Road – the few people I passed when I was walking looked genuinely worried about me! 😉

  5. So, The Mare isn’t about two horses named Ginger and Velvet??
    I’m pretty sure I’ve got Our Souls At Night on my tbr (courtesy of The Book Club) – it sounds lovely.

    • The Mare SHOULD be about two horses named Ginger and Velvet – I didn’t even realise that until you pointed it out!

      From memory, a The Book Club unanimously loved Our Souls – a rare thing indeed, which is probably why I have it.

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