Lately (Spring Edition)


Feeling: invigorated after a few days with friends – laughing till our guts hurt; gin and tonics; reality tv with commentary; beach walks
Making: plans for study next year
Drinking: an elderflower liqueur, gin and soda combo created by my friend Karin
Reading: Here I Am by Jonathan Safran Foer
Watching: season two of Catastrophe
Anticipating: The Good People by Hannah Kent
Listening: Sing Street soundtrack
Enjoying: the Fitbit New York City adventure challenge
Loving: the fact that I have tickets to see Bruce Springsteen at Hanging Rock
Needing: to find out more about rheumatoid arthritis (but not really wanting to…)
Coveting: all the things at American Colors
Wishing: I could swim laps (the wretched ankle injury/ RA is stopping me)
Wearing: these pants. So comfy, I got them in two colours
Wanting: this Binny dress (it’s sold out everywhere…)
Aiming: to pick the almonds from our tree before the cockatoos get them

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  1. My first Springsteen concert was in August of 1978 in Philadelphia… the man is still performing great 4-hours shows at 67.

    Those Country Road pants you bought remind me of the brief time that they had stores in the United States (1980-90’s). I loved their menswear.

    Have never tried elderflower liqueur…but, the elderberry looks a lot like a North American blackberry to me.

    My niece is dating a Foer, so I”m expecting a free copy of “Here I Am” in short order.

    As you await the Australian summer, my leafing season is just starting, the pumpkins have been picked, varieties of NY State apple are being harvested, the first frost of the season should occur next week, the chimney has been swept clean, and Halloween costumes are being researched.

    • Springsteen concerts are sensational – it was a long time between tours to Aus but he has come twice in the last five years, so the fans are happy!

      I’m surprised Country Road made it to the US! From my limited knowledge, I think the US equivalent is/was Banana Republic (does that still exist?!).

      Elderflower is a very British/ European thing. The Brits use the flowers as a cordial (it’s great, not overly sweet and very refreshing). In Germany they use the flowers and berries to flavour cordials, yogurt etc

      Dating a Foer?! Wait for a signed copy, but you should read it – I get the distinct feeling it’s quite autobiographical!

      • Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta are all under the same corporate umbrella now. Country Road had a stand alone store in the (upscale) Short Hills Mall (NJ) in the 80’s-90’s. Trivia: Country Road clothing borrowed it’s name from the James Taylor song…”I guess my feet know where they want me to go
        Walking on a country road.”

        Yeah…my niece and a Foer first cousin are both in their last year of medical school in Washington (DC), the setting for “Here I Am”. Even though she’s brilliant, Foer family gatherings are very intimidating, as the Foer flock are chock-full of talent…Jonathan, Franklin and Joshua. At one of the family events, the actress Michelle Williams (and daughter Matilda), widow of Heath Ledger, were Jonathan’s guests for the evening.

      • I know the James Taylor song but didn’t know that’s where the store name came from… Odd given that the store is an Australian icon and yet the song is American. I guess when the store started the designer wouldn’t have anticipated what lay ahead.

  2. Out of all those things all I can say is I’m swimming plenty of laps (and drinking a little gin). Phillip Is a lovely place to stay – hope you had a big wood fire in the evenings. I’ll be staying on Rottnest in a couple of weeks, it might even be Spring by then, touch wood.

    • I’ve never been to Rottnest but have heard it’s a beautiful place. Although I prefer summer over the other seasons, there is something nice about being at the beach in winter (and yes, we had roaring fires!).

    • Brits do elderflower so well – it’s hard to find the real-deal in Aus (but I have a secret source!).

      I’m only three episodes into Catastrophe – it’s darker than S1 but I’m still laughing out loud.

    • The New York challenge has only just started – not too late to join in. It’s fun but the pics aren’t as spectacular as Yosemite.

      I had previously been studying genetics and next year I’m planning on counselling. My long-term goal is genetic counselling however it is very difficult to get into.

  3. My sister works at DJ’s. I think I’ll her to get me some of those pants on her staff discount. I bought some similar ones from Just Jeans a couple of years ago and I pretty much live in them. They are perfect for slouching around the house.

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