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  1. I read and enjoyed The Descendants and think she’s a talented writer, but the subject matter of this one is definitely not for me (although I absolutely identify with the TV bits). Great review! I appreciate your thoughts on the book, even though I’m not going to read it. 🙂

    • I enjoyed The Descendants as well (although liked the movie better – may have had something to do with Mr Clooney) – this book is edgier. Interestingly, in the notes the end, Hemmings implied that this book had been sitting in a drawer for 15 years (pre-Descendants??) and that she’d tinkered on and off with it during that time. In some ways, you can tell – as I said, the structure is a little wobbly, but the sense of humour is consistent and that’s what shone for me in this book.

    • As I said, by no means a perfect book but if you’re looking for something light and quick, it’s a good choice. There are a few really funny scenes (including when the main character gets a Brazilian wax).

      My local cafe makes a cheesy herb toast that has a sneaky layer of Bechamel and dear god, I dream of it…

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  3. Agree completely about the book- so many parts made me laugh out loud and yet it didn’t gel enough for me to read it straight through. I kept putting it down for days and coming back to it. It was fun, summer reading.

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