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01. I’ve mentioned how much I love Miffy, right? This.

02. The Melbourne Writers Festival 2016 program was announced yesterday. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, which gives me a few more hours to sort out how I’ll manage #ALLTHEEVENTS (on my radar are Shriver, Flanagan, Tsiolkas, Wood, Garner, Funder, Earls, Beneba Clarke).

03. It was a school day today and while everyone else was at work or making dinners or cleaning the house or running errands, I was here, reading my book. I don’t even feel guilty about…sometimes being a grown-up is ace.

04. I’m deeply in love with navy nail polish this winter. Favourites: OPI I Saw U Saw We Saw Warsaw; Essie Afterschool Boy Blazer; and Deborah Lippmann Rolling in the Deep.

05. Should we be thrilled or dismayed about this?

06. Brona is doing a fun little TBR-stack exercise. Here’s mine:


Read her blog post to find out what the pic means*.

07. This post from Karen at Booker Talk (and specificfally the comments relating to the The Finkler Question) made me wonder, what has been the least popular Man Booker Prize winner (in terms of post-Prize-announcement sales)? I reckon Jacobson would be giving that honour a fair shake…

08. And while I’m on it, here’s the key to winning the Booker.

09. The Bali Beach Bed – do they really work? (Because I love a beach gadget)

10. It’s a week old, I know, but this is so cute (the kids – not Ronaldo… Not that he isn’t but…. )


*only just realised that the acronym for my blog is BAMFAB – which is when an onomatopoeia meets fabulous…

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10 responses

  1. Thanks for joining in TBR booksnap!

    Great choices.

    Finkler Question gets my vote too. Tedious book. The humour was well disguised! I’ll check out Karen’s post.

  2. good for you to take time out for yourself, something we should all do now and again to recharge those batteries. Love your question on which is the most unpopular Booker prize winner – i looked at the link you sent but there is nothing there that really indicates a crap score so will ask people via my site to answer your question.

  3. I love that Booker interactive page. So interesting. (I didn’t finish Finkler but do remember it being very funny in the opening pages, then it kind of lost me. I know a lot of people are critical of it.) Also Chanel do a nice navy polish.

  4. Ah, to read and relax at that spa…bliss!

    I also love navy polish…and purple, too. I haven’t had my nails done in forever, since I’m very hard on my hands, chipping my nails right and left. But maybe I could give it another go?

    I love the image of the stacks…unfortunately, most of my TBR pile are on my Kindle…so, wouldn’t make a very good visual.

    Enjoy your week! Here’s MY BOOKISH THURSDAY POST

    • I’m a huge Cyndi fan but must admit this book has been in my stack for ages, mostly because I bought it at her concert where she did the whole of the She’s So Unusual album in order, and she told the story of each song in between- kind of felt like I was hearing everything that would be in the book!

  5. There are so many excellent authors going to the MWF – I was super tempted to hop on a plane and fly down for a few events. But then I decided I spent enough money on/at the Sydney festival. I don’t need a repeat of that. Have you got tickets to see Charlotte Wood (I’m assuming that’s who you meant by “Wood”)?
    Thank you for posting about navy nail polish. Navy is one of my absolute favourite colours to wear and I don’t have navy nail polish – so your post has reminded me I need to invest in that.
    Re: The Booker – I’m so happy The North Water made the list (I think you know how much I love that book) and I predicted after I read it that it would pop up on a few nomination lists, so I’m going to be all bigheaded about that because THIS NEVER HAPPENS TO ME. Of the winners I’ve actually read, I really strongly disliked (almost hated) ‘The Sense of an Ending’ and wasn’t a huge fan of ‘The White Tiger’; so they’d be fighting it out for the winner of least popular winner for me.

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