Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


01. Went to see The Dressmaker costume exhibition. It was glorious. I won’t pretend, it was nice to see clothes that had been intimately close to a Hemsworth.


02. And I also saw an opera last weekend that was new to me (which is tricky after almost 30 years of opera-going) – Luisa Miller. It was brilliant.

03. We don’t normally make a woohah about individual sporting achievements – when you’re in a team, it’s a group effort. However, my youngest boy kicked the winning goal at footy last week. On the siren. His team having come from 20 points down in the last quarter. It was tense. I was feeling the pressure when he was lining up for goal (mostly because a parent behind me said “Who is this kid? Can he kick?”) – so I can’t imagine how Ed felt. Anyway, he nailed it, and now he can file it under ‘U11 career highlights’.

04. Wine + magic = sangria.

05. The fourth book in Jay McInerney’s series following the lives of Russell and Corrine Callowayre is out soon – Bright, Precious Days.  I haven’t done much re-reading over the last year but thinking I’ll revisit Bright Lights, Big City (1984), Brightness Falls (1993), and The Good Life (2006) before this latest one.

06. I have no first-hand experience when it comes to Tesco sandwiches but nevertheless this lunch review is hilarious.

“Tesco quinoa salad – This carton of gravel and joylessness will make you wonder whether there’s any point in carrying on.”

07. My latest favourite on Twitter – Postcard form the Past.

08. Every month Naomi at The Writes of Woman does a round-up post of literary news. These stupendous posts could pretty much supply me with a whole month of reading and never fail to alert me to something ace that skipped my news feed. This month, it was the fact that Nina Stibbe’s brilliantly funny memoir, Love, Nina has been made into a tele series (written by Nick Hornby). I was stressing that it wouldn’t find its way onto Australian screens when I came across whole episodes on Youtube. Yay!

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    • I fear, now that I look over the last three books, that I didn’t actually read The Good Life… it was published right in the middle of the time when I had babies and toddlers. The blurb doesn’t ring bells, hence me thinking I might do a quick re-read to get up-to-speed.

    • It’s been quite a while since I’ve read any McInerey but Bright Lights is one of those books that has stayed in my head for years and years.

  1. Stunning costume designs. I want to go and see the Miss Fisher collection when it comes to Qld – it’s July I think!

    I’m not a fan of sangria – the fruit thing puts me off. Give me a margarita (which I cannot spell properly) any day! 😉

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