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01. There’s already been many wonderful tributes to Gillian Mears. I won’t try to match them but will say that Australian literature has lost a great voice (also: a personal essay from Mears, published in Meanjin; Susan Johnson’s beautiful 2011 piece about Mears; my thoughts on the brilliant Foal’s Bread).

02. Paul Kelly singing Shakespeare’s sonnets – perfect.

03. I’m feeling a lot of love for the Wheeler Centre this week – we’re so lucky to have them and their excellent events in Melbourne. After my second author talk this week, hosted by the Wheeler Centre, I showed my love by adopting a word. My word is mayhap (adv. perhaps, maybe) – I chose it because it’s representative of 2016 for me.

04. The Wheeler Centre recorded the Hanya Yanagihara talk I went to – you can listen to it here.

05. The Book Club is back – thanks ABC, we were starting to get a bit tetchy given that it’s almost June… To make up for the slow start to the television-bookish year, The Book Club is now on every week (yay) and there’s a new online program, Bookish. From famine to feast…

06. This article about old friends. So true.

07. I’m still hunting for the perfect pair of silver boots. I spotted these yesterday and will have to pop back to try them on asap. Also these (but if the price is simply ‘enquire’ then it’s probably a no…).

08. Saw First Monday in May yesterday – loved it because people in the movie were saying things like “They’re a tour-de-force” about trousers, without irony.

09. Listen up biatches, Heathers the Musical was ace. In particular, the choreography was amazing – I’d forgotten how many grouse dance moves we had in the eighties.

10. Just to remind you of how sharp the movie was, check out this list of Heathers quotes.

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    • You MUST go if it comes your way (and I’m sure it will eventually). It was amazing – apart from being hilarious, there was hardly any dialogue – the writers had managed to put it all in song. Very clever.

  1. I think it’s lovely that so many of us have found a way to share our thoughts about losing Gillian Mears. We, her ordinary readers, could never have done this in the days before the internet and the only tributes would have been the formal ones in the print media.
    I hope that if her family comes across these tributes, they will find some comfort.

  2. OOoH!! I LOVED Heathers the Musical too….and I don’t even like musicals. I laughed until I cried. Too good. Also think Gillian Mears is a HUGE loss to literature – Foal’s Bread is a masterpiece. I saw Franzen this week which has got my brain wheeling. Thanks for your thoughts – bookish or not!

    • I was Heathers with a group of friends – we haven’t laughed so hard in ages. The two actors playing the jocks were sensational and their song, Blue… well, I had tears of laughter.

      Must say, I liked Franzen much more in person than I do on paper!

  3. Oh, I loved the article on old friends, and while I don’t often connect to friends I made before college, those college and early/work year friendships are treasures. I just had coffee yesterday with one of those from FORTY-FOUR years ago. We worked together, but also became good friends. And we can share silly stories about things we’ve each done. She was there when I made some colossal mistakes, and helped pick up the pieces. I’ve done the same for her. Now we get together at least once a month.

    Thanks for sharing…and here’s MY BOOKISH THURSDAY POST

    • The bit in the article that really resonated for me was the part about asking after friends’ family members – we all know that asking “How’s your mum/dad/ brother?” can be loaded with meaning!

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