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1. Stop. Everything. How did I not know that Suzanne Rindell has a new book out?

2. Ate lots of Easter eggs on Sunday* and wore my activewear all day because it was so strenuous.

3. Which brings me to this article. I laughed so hard, I snorted.

“So, Easter Bunny, please relax on the healthy shit for just one day. There is a time and a place to be an uptight tossbag about food, and Easter is not it. Please fill our Easter baskets with chocolate and our hearts with the will to continue living.”

4. And don’t you think ‘hip gold’ sounds so much better than ‘muffin top’?  (for more German-word-glory, check out this article).

5. Went to the Warhol-Weiwei exhibition at the National Gallery Victoria last week. Fantastic. Particularly loved the exhibition space and use of wallpapers. The flowers were my favourite.


6. Because I’m all about podcasts now, I’m up-to-date with Serial S2 and refreshing my feed like a lunatic, waiting for the next episode to drop. I’ve also started listening to The Sodajerker and Deliciously Stella (and now I know a new game – Fridge Tapas – which is same but different to another one of my favourite games, Freezer Roulette).

7. I’m bingeing on the last season of Downton at the moment. After sitting through five and a half seasons, husband chooses now to ask questions such as “What did he do?” and “Who’s that?” #FFS

8. Of course, Downton is all about the Dowager-Countess. Her gem from the last episode I watched – “Does it get cold up there, on your high moral ground?”


9. For those playing along at home, the squid-jig-tally is sitting at $355 (lots more squid in my fridge, fewer jigs in the tackle box and a few steps closer to that clutch…)

10. I’m not in love with the US cover for The Natural Way of Things (on the left) – is it too obvious? Is the Australian edition actually more sinister (you have to look carefully to see the knives, chains and shackles)?


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*not restricted to Sunday TBH


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    • The Australian cover is, at first glance, very pretty. But look closely and there’s padlocks, dead animals, deadly mushrooms… that sort of thing. Reminds me of one of the covers they used for Hausfrau – it looked like an embroidered sampler but the pictures were things such as broken wine bottles – very effective.

    • It was terrific and they way that they’d brought both artists together was interesting. Apparently they never met but Warhol spent a lot of time in China and focused on making art ‘accessible’ by using popular icons. Weiwei (who’s from China) spent a lot of time in New York and focuses on art as a political statement – terrific parallels and demonstrated using commonalities in both their work eg. flowers.

  1. I saw the Ai Weiwei half of the exhibition when it was at the RA here in London; it was totally fascinating but I came away from it feeling as though there were things I wasn’t picking up because of a lack of background in Chinese art and history. It was a good feeling to be jolted out of my comfort zone like that.

    You’re right about the covers, too. The Australia cover is way more sinister.

    • The exhibition was supported by good film clips, notes etc but I agree, I probably only just scraped the surface in terms of understanding Weiwei’s political messages.

      • That’s what frustrates me about notes, too; they can only fit so much into them! It helps, but I still feel like I miss a bone-deep understanding.

    • I think it comes out in the US first – I’ve requested a copy via NetGalley (although will probably get rejected given that I’m in Australia).

  2. Bless Shannon from Shannon’s Kitchen. I just loved that post. Funnily, quite by coincidence, Miss E wrapped up a grape in Easter egg foil and gave it to Mr T. He was suitably unimpressed, which just goes to prove Shannon’s point. Lots of crazy responses to that post re the diabetes comment. She had to add in a sentence at the bottom to deal with it!

    Did you ever read her post about nuts at school? It’s hyperlinked in the Easter egg post. It says everything we ever wanted to say about the topic. Would be great for your school blog but the principal may have an issue with the fruity language!

    God bless the Dowager-Countess. Sometimes, if the Downton storylines are a little far-fetched, I watch just to hear what she says next. Dame Maggie must be having a blast playing that role.

    • I need to make time and go back and read all of Shannon’s posts – feel like I read her blog ages ago but somehow it dropped off my radar.

      Even J likes Downton, just for the Dowager bits though!

    • The Other Typist was sensational, mainly because the ending was infuriating! If you read it, make sure you read along with a friend because I promise you, you’ll need to discuss the ending with someone! I actually wrote a post about the ending (and I NEVER do spoilers) – wrote it years ago and it is still the most read post every month on my blog!

  3. Oooh, I agree about the cover for The Natural Way of Things. The US cover is straight up foreboding whereas the Australian cover lulls you to a false sense of security before you realise the sinister little details (definitely something I missed the first few times I glanced at the book cover!).

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