Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


1. I dunno, there’s something about the illustration above that makes me very happy. It’s by Naomi Wilkinson.

2.Who’s looking forward to the Stella Prize longlist announcement next week? *me*

3. I very much enjoyed this post about long-term blogging from Sneh at Cook Republic.

4. Sneh mentioned the Paprika app – I’m tempted. Do I need this in my life?

5. Went to a welcome morning tea at my son’s new school. Met another mum there. We were chatting for ages, getting along famously. Fab. Obviously feeling that our sons should be BFFs. Then I discovered that I dated her husband (when we were in high school). I think ‘awkward’ is an understatement.

6. Bought something from a German website yesterday. Good to know I can shop bilingually.

7. If this wasn’t actually true of the Melbourne dining scene, you’d laugh.

8. My ten-year-old showed me this clip about a typewriter artist – it’s amazing.

9. Not buying books isn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

10. I’m not normally into pie but the fact that this one is described as “a salty and citrusy staple” makes me think I should reconsider my position on pie.


As always, Bookish Thoughts is hosted by the lovely Christine.

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    • IKR?! The fun comes around again so quickly! Because of my book-buying-ban exception (six books allowed, giving me the opportunity to buy the entire Stella shortlist if needed), I’m particularly keen to see what’s on it this year.

      • I have collected so many recipes in hard copy. Not just cook books but printed out, handwritten etc. As part of my kondomari attack of the house, I will be culling my recipes. !!!

      • Same, on my list to cull. I shove them in a big folder that I call my ‘cookery iceberg’ because I only use the 5% of recipes that are on the top of the stack! I was diligent for a while and made myself try one or two new things a week (and then either file the recipe or chuck it) but fell out of the habit. I’m not studying this semester so should really make it a project again.

  1. Love the waiting for a table article…good thing about Melbourne is there’s always somewhere else good to go! I hate waiting for tables with no bookings…I’d rather wait until the hype dies down…

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