Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


1. This is nice, isn’t it?

2. I love these almost-literary-mixtapes from Readings.

3. A friend was at a local pool yesterday and a film crew arrived. They were filming Barracuda (huzzah!).

4. After Irving released In One Person there were dozens of interviews in which he was hinting at the next book (which we now know was/is Avenue of Mysteries). This time, very few interviews and certainly no hints at what’s next. I might cry. Or start reading his books all over again.

5. I did enjoy the three short clips on Irving’s website, all about Avenue of Mysteries.

As always, Bookish Thoughts is hosted by the lovely Christine.

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    • I’d go with Garp – it’s Irving in his signature style. I didn’t enjoy In One Person much (perhaps I’m a harsh judge) – of his more recent books, Last Night in Twisted River is brilliant.

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