Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


1. I think we should all take a moment to appreciate the effort that has gone into this world map (and it’s interactive… I know! An interactive world cookie map! Genius).

2. Of course the “…second only to Tim Tams…” part of this article is bullshit but the rest is tops (because the Mint Slice rules).

3. I’ve done the big round-up of books that appeared on multiple ‘Best of 2015’ lists. It’s interesting to see what’s there (and what’s not). A Little Life beat Purity; the new Anne Tyler and Margaret Atwood didn’t rate a mention; and some of the most popular books seem to have popped up out of nowhere (I’m looking at you The Sympathizer and Fates and Furies).

4. This year’s list appeals to me less than the 2014 equivalent (which I’m still working through) but I am looking forward to Fates and Furies. The Turner House, Eileen and A Manual for Cleaning Women also look good.

5. Of course, I haven’t finalised my Top 10 Books for 2015 yet (there are still 21 reading days left in the year and they will be put to good use) but I have a fair idea of what I’ve loved. Only one of them is on the Top 32 list.

6. I know Jennifer Weiner drives some people mental but she makes a fair point here about female authors and ‘Goldfinching’.


7. It may look like lemon tart BUT there’s gin. Huzzah.

8. Always listen to the experts. Cheers.

9. If you were wondering what to get me for Christmas, I wouldn’t mind a few sets of cloth napkins from here (Forest Floor print or Pie Graph, thanks).

10. I’ve been busting to go to Paul Wilson’s new venture, Lady Carolina, and finally got there last week. Wow. Wow. Wow. The food was sensational (great guac*, great margaritas) – stand-outs were the BBQ king prawns, the roasted cauliflower and the sauce on the lamb (I wanted to drink it straight from the bowl). Desserts were impressive and the purple corn pavlova was a perfect finish to the meal. Food aside, the fit-out at this place is incredible (I’ll be taking you there, Steph).


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*guac is a benchmark thing for me – if they can’t get it right, you worry about everything else.

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  1. Was excited by that map, out of all the biscuits ( I refuse to use an Americanism for these quintessentially British items) for Uk what would they choose? How disappointing they went for brandy snaps which you would never eat with a cup of tea ( a critical requirement). Where are the jammy dodgers and the bourbons?..

    • Yes, we say biscuits in Australia also (except for chocolate-chip which are nearly always referred to as cookies…). Agree, brandy snaps are more of a dessert biscuit than a cup-of-tea biscuit.

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