Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


1. I really, really love Lionel Richie’s clay head and all that it represents. But I also love this.

2. Yes, we’ve all seen it eleventy hundred times already but that doesn’t mean it’s not really bloody funny.

3. Saw Charlotte Wood speak about her new book, The Natural Way of Things, last night. Was so interesting that I’ll probably write a post about it.

4. I understand that not everyone in the audience at author talks has read the book but isn’t it a pain in the arse? There was so much I needed to ask Charlotte about the ending of The Natural Way of Things but couldn’t. We need another event, just to discuss the ending.

5. Starting to think gin needs its own category on this blog.

6. Actually, it does. Here’s another fun gin thing.

7. I mentioned that last week was not flash. The end of it was spectacularly shitty – career disappointments, assignment stress and more chicken pox. The bright spot was the Robbie Williams concert. Fun. And I took this pic, which is a nice way of saying to the past fortnight, “Thanks, I’ve had enough of you now, move on, piss off.”


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