Making: Plans for the precious few weeks between my exams ending and school holidays starting.
Drinking: Orange Grapefruit & Bitters by Schweppes (with gin)
Reading: Textbooks about E.coli (and Prick With a Fork for light relief).
Coveting: This perfume.
Listening: IZ (a leftover from my holiday in Hawaii).
Watching: Catastrophe. I’m obsessed.
Anticipating: The Beautiful Lie (an Australian reimagining of Anna Karenina).
Smelling: This sea salt spray for hair (I have more sea salt sprays than would be considered normal).
Wishing: That the Masters course I’m applying for next year wasn’t so over-subscribed.
Enjoying: The spectacular thunderstorms we’ve had.
Loving: The fact that it’s Spring but that some days, Melbourne is pretending it’s Summer.
Needing: To improve my salad repertoire. This should help.
Feeling: Stressed. Exams are looming.
Wearing: Anything mint green.
Wanting: More time. It’s always about time.
Bookmarking: All things Hong Kong. And Tasmania.
Aiming: To finish a TBR spreadsheet.

The amazing photo above is by William Waldron.

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  1. If you’re going to Hong Kong I can recommend a few things… Esp to do with pearls and the best place to stay. Also a couple of broken links above, the salad one didn’t work for me, or the sea salt spray one. So now I’ve been left hanging in agony. Which sea salt spray!? What salad thingy!?

  2. Ooh thanks for links. The first spray. Is it coloured or is that the bottle? If it has a yellow tinge I can’t use cause my ‘porous’ (read ‘equine’) hair soaks it up and gets a lovely nicotine shade cause of the white. OH PEARLS. We need to talk. I went twice in a year (long story) a couple of years ago.There’s a shop, tucked away. if you go I’ll give you the details. It’s the place where the people in the know go. Expats etc. Pearls are gorgeous and I agree with you; better than diamonds. Bring pearls back I say. I love mine.

    • I read about it on a British blog and then discovered that it is sold worldwide at boutique perfumeries. It’s sold at three places in the whole of Australia, one of them happens to be 5 minutes from my house! What are the chances? I figure it’s meant to be…

  3. Kate. I am going to do a thing for 2016, that we’ve talked about. Buy No New Books. With one exception, cause I have a friend whose first novel will be published, I HAVE to buy that but anything else will be listed and wait until 2017. Care to join me? I’m going to make it a theme for my blog too. Everything I read I already have. Decided to commit today. Might have another writer friend on-board as well. BUT NO PRESSURE.

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