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gin festival Melbourne

It’s the Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts Events Edition. Ten things I’m either doing or planning on doing in the near future:

1. This seems like a sensible idea.

2. Charlotte Wood at Readings.

3. Robbie and all his Robbieness.

4. Madonna. No one can resist Lucky Star, right?

5. Getting the ‘going-out’ elastic-waisted pants ready for this.

6. Hoodoos! Femmes! Ratcat!

7. And from alt rock to lederhosen

8. One for the lovers* of Babs.

9. And an old favourite.

10. Lastly, must get to this before November 8…

*everyone, right?

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  1. Would go to Charlotte Wood BUT AM AWAY. Poo. But doing workshop weekend with her in November. So that’ll be ace. Think my daughter is going to Figaro with my mum. My band days are over. But also need to get to the Hermitage collection too. Looks fabulous.

    • Workshop will be ace. I’m excited about the talk – first time I’ve heard her speak but I LOVE her books with a passion. And I love her on Twitter.

      Thing I want to see most at the Hermitage exhibition are all the dinner services – apparently Catherine the Great was mad for plates and soup bowls 🙂

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