Jack Holmes and His Friend by Edmund White


Five things about Jack Holmes and His Friend by Edmund White:

1. There were probably more descriptions of scrotums than I needed but hey, we’re all adults.

2. I picked up this book because I read an interview (years ago) with John Irving who said it was the book he was currently reading (and enjoying).

3. The characters are Irvingesque* – they’re a little odd, a little eccentric and they’re trying to be ‘normal’.

4. The ‘friend’, Will, is real pain.

5. There was a lovely opportunity for the author to go-to-town setting the scene (1970s-80s, New York, gay sub-culture) but unfortunately it wasn’t quite realised.

3/5 Vivid characters and some beautiful writing but somehow misses the mark. I suspect I didn’t pick the best of White.

*new word

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