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  1. It’s likely that this is the most entertaining review of In The Unlikely Event that I’ve seen! 🙂 No Ralph… ? Stop, you’re making flashback to my preteen years!

  2. I didn’t pick this one based on the blurb because I did indeed think it was about plane crashes. And you know what I’m scared of? Planes crashing.

    • The plane crash stuff is EXTRAORDINARY – you can appreciate why, when it happened, there were all sorts of conspiracy theories floating around.

      Even though you know the crashes are going to happen, Blume still manages to build the suspense, because you don’t know which of the characters will either be in a plane or crushed on the ground as a plane falls out of the sky – it’s certainly a page-turner (but probably not one you’ll find in airport book stores…!).

      I reckon if it’s a fear you can manage, push through and read Blume’s last novel (for completeness) 🙂

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