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1. Isn’t it fabulouso when friends think of you when they’re shopping? My ace friend Sam spotted these boots and texted me with “I’m seeing you in these boots. #sublime” I’m seeing me in those boots. Actually, scratch that. See me in those boots*.

2. The recommendation from the author of this article is “Donโ€™t click on the Franzen think pieces.” Except that one, obvs.

3. Mention of the new Franzen brings me to a convo I had with Jenny this week about buying books (and that we have too many). I know, such a boring topic but nonetheless, one that continues to vex. I’m very close to making some kind of TBR spreadsheet. This is big news because I’m actually allergic to spreadsheets.

4. Furthermore, in my convo with Jenny I flirted with the idea of a year of no book buying. Just putting it out there so that you guys could police me…


5. Last night I had the immense pleasure of hearing Chris Hadfield speak. Sounds corny, but the guy is truly inspirational. His commitment to science education (particularly in primary schools) and the importance of art (for him, music) is exceptional and innovative (a couple of examples he referred to were the tomato seeds in space project and the annual Canadian Music Monday project – here’s Chris’s song, recorded with the Barenaked Ladies – Chris was in space for Music Monday and the BNL were on Earth. Brilliant).

6. And yes, of course he performed this live (and gave the story as to how it came about).

7. I read The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham many years ago with my book group. From memory, the general consensus was that we loved it. There’s a movie coming. Thankfully they’ve kept the rural Australian setting and added a Hemsworth.

8. I’m a bit peeved that Book Week has clashed with National Science Week. There’s only so many events that schools can participate in and both of these are worthy of our full and undivided attention.

9. Want to make me click a link? Use the words ‘Berlin’ and ‘lido’.

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* bought


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    • I’ve followed him on Twitter for years and really enjoyed his photos from the space station but hearing the way he spoke about education gives me hope (in our current national climatic of ripping investment out of education and science).

  1. My daughter’s school fully embraced science week this week and has moved book week to next week. Love their work. And your new boots.

  2. 1. Love those boots beyond words. Want.
    2. Am curious to see what the new Franzen will be like, but as you said, am not such a desperate fan.
    3. I have spreadsheets already. I had the idea to build a website called LOOK AT MY BOOKS, where you could display your real bookshelves but in a graphic way. Ok, I know it’s pretty much been done, but not the way I’d do it. So I have 3x s/sheets of all books owned: contemporary, classics, non-fiction. Hard to keep them up to date.
    4. We should do a challenge. On that note, I’d love to join/form a bookclub that only does either one author exclusively (you read the whole body of work, possibly chronologically) OR a substantial work over a year, eg Proust’s Lost Time. It’s a dream along with No. 3
    5. What’s going on with his signature?!
    7. Me too. I read it and liked it. Then read Summer at Mt Hope and liked it better. Am looking forward to the movie.
    9. Those Berlin pool snaps, gorgeous. I’m guessing you have Gail Jones’s new Berlin novel? I have, and am keeping it next to bed, delicious anticipation, while I finish a few others, including The Talented Mr Ripley, have you read it? Amazing.

    • 1. Get in quick – they didn’t have many sizes left at the Fitzroy store.
      3. I think LOOK AT MY BOOKS is an awesome idea. I’d do it because I’m quite a visual person with things like that (hence avoidance of spreadsheets… until now).
      4. I’m seriously warming to the idea. Thinking there could be some appropriate wiggle room so it’s not oppressive eg. you’re allowed to accept X number of ARCS or buy 1 book… will make me think hard about what to buy/ accept/ request.
      5. Do you think when you’re super-famous you automatically get a super-cool signature? *on that note, you best start working on yours in advance of your book launch*
      7. Haven’t read anything else by her. *adds Summer at Mt Hope to the TBR stack* …. see the issue here?!
      9. Re Berlin, yes, obvs. Re: Mr Ripley – no! *adds to TBR stack* … again, the issue of the TBR stack…

      • I can’t do the boots. I just did a cashmere poncho. I have to be happy with that.

        I don’t think the super-cool famous signatures happen automatically. I think they all work it something shocking behind the scenes and then have it ready, ta da. I want a funky amazing signature for book signing but I can’t seem to come up with one. I feel like a thirteen-year-old, practising my ‘autograph’. But defo short. Maybe a triangle a la Hadfield!

        As for TBRs. [sigh] I have nothing to suggest. I’d rather not buy anything else than stop my spontaneous book purchases. But I am applying some rules to myself to try to buy less.

    • And as an added bonus, the boots are actually comfortable!

      I’m fine-tuning my ideas for a year of no book-buying eg. allow myself 10 ARCS, or to request books for birthday/ Christmas…

    • I think it is supposed to have a ‘fairytale’ quality to the story which, if not handled well, can come across as goofy. Let’s put our hope in the fact that it has a quality cast!

  3. 4. I really should do this again but it’s so hard T_T

    5. I finally picked up Hadsfield’s book and am looking foward to reading it at some point. I love how passionate and enthusiastic he is about the sciences and just everything ๐Ÿ˜€

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