Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

1. The Stella Prize shortlist book group is up and running. We go crazy on Twitter every Monday evening. #fun

2. Read my first 5/5 book for the year – Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum. Get on it peoples.


3. The Baileys Prize 2015 longlist was announced recently. I’ve only read one… Poor show, me.

4. Related: Why the eff wasn’t Hausfrau on that longlist? #travesty

5. Well Rory’s literary mixtape for Flowers in the Attic is the best literary mixtape ever. Obvs.

6.  It’s probably old news to most people but The Light Between the Oceans movie? Excellent.

7. The double bass is in the house. It’s like my fifth child.

8. Well this is a good idea… Try anything once, I say.

9. Sorry* everyone, Maui and the Big Island are in my very near future. I’m busting to see lava flowing into the ocean. Busting.

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*not sorry



9 responses

    • The Stella is a newish Australian prize awarded to female writers.
      Think I’ll wait until the Baileys shortlist is announced before I tackle too many!

  1. I only read one from the Baileys 2015 longlist as well (Station Eleven). Doubt I’d read any more before the shortlist/winner is announced…

    I’ve been enjoying your tweets/posts on the Stella prize, I’ve never heard of it and the titles listed sound very interesting 🙂

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