I’m underwhelmed…


Underwhelmed. Two books – similar but different. The first was Maggie O’Farrell’s Instructions for a Heatwave, chosen as part of Reading Ireland Month. The second was Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan, chosen simply because I like Maine. And lobster rolls.

It’s probably concerning how little I have to say about either book. No lasting impressions, no scenes that stayed with me. Serviceable characters, plain writing. Did I miss something in these family sagas? (Both focused on large families with a matriarch, Irish heritage and children behaving badly.) In Heatwave, the character of Aisha was mildly interesting, if only for her battle with illiteracy. In Maine, the pretentious daughter-in-law Anne Marie provided the entertainment. I’ll leave it at that.

2/5 For both.


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  1. I loved Heatwave, sorry to hear it didn’t do much for you! Like you, I was most interested in the younger sister’s character, but I felt like the whole family was interesting.

    • I think part of the reason for my lack of enthusiasm is because I read the book over a few weeks – never really got stuck into it so it just dragged on and on…

      • I really liked Heatwave, but I don’t think it was strong enough to being read over several weeks, I think I read it in a day or two. I hope your next reading choices are more enjoyable!

  2. How disappointing! I hate looking forward to a book and then feeling underwhelmed… like I am with my current book. Such a letdown. Here’s hoping you enjoy your next books more!

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