Sample Saturday – memories, a train and artificial sweeteners


A Marker to Measure Drift by Alexander Maksik  

Why I have it: Because I liked Maksik’s controversial debut, You Deserve Nothing.

Summary: A woman living alone in a cave on a remote island in the Aegean reflects on her haunted past.

I’m thinking: No. Starts slowly – interesting but not enough to hook me.

Love and Treasure by Ayelet Waldman

Why I have it: Because I loved her dummy-spit over the lack of New York Times recognition.

Summary: The story of a beautiful antique necklace, previous owners unknown, woven around the true history of the Hungarian Gold Train in the Second World War.

I’m thinking: No. But it’s a reluctant no. I could be convinced otherwise (for instance, if my book group selected it).

Sweetness #9 by Stephan Eirik Clark

Why I have it: No idea.

Summary: David Leveraux is an Apprentice Flavor Chemist, testing an artificial sweetener. The results are NQR but with his career and family at risk, David keeps his suspicions to himself. Years later, Sweetness #9 is widely used and David’s family is changing – is #9 to blame or is it simply the American condition?

I’m thinking: Yes – Mad Men meets food technology. My grandfather was a food technologist (his greatest achievement: TicToc biscuits, but that’s a whole other story).

Thoughts on any of these, fellow readers?

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