Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

racel castle beach towel

A few notable bookish things –

1. This brilliant round-up of the best book covers for 2014 (tweeted by Jenny).

2. This list of books that made us cry in 2014. I do love a good cry over a book.

3. NPR’s Book Concierge – a gimmick but fun.

4. Scott’s crap book of the year list made me laugh. Out loud. Especially this bit –

“And finally, to the worst book I have ever read. Amnesia by Peter Carey would never have been published it it were a first novel, or not written by Peter Carey. It has a ludicrous plot, key points of which are nicked from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, that jumps around without any logic. The characters are cunts of the highest order; I wanted them all to die horribly.”

5. And speaking of Best Books of 2014 lists, Ayelet Waldman throwing a hissy-fit over the NYT list is hilarious. But mission accomplished, I wasn’t even aware she had a new book out and now I am.


6. I promised a list of the books most frequently mentioned in the Best Books of 2014 lists – here it is. The top three surprised me (The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters, Lila by Marilynne Robinson and A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James).

And now to the not-so-bookish things –

7. I saw Opera Australia’s new production of Tosca this week. Tosca is in my top five operas, so I was probably always going to enjoy it. But did I expect Tosca in Nazi Germany? No. Amazing. Dagger scene – tops. Final scene (spoiler, Tosca dies) – stunning (not stunning, beautiful but stunning, gut-wrenching).


8. My baby boy (the eldest one) went to his high school orientation this week. Where did the last twelve years go?

9. Excuse me while I go all Pinterest on you. How sweet are these gingerbread terrariums?!


10. See the picture at the very top? I didn’t really need another beach towel… Too late.

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5 responses

  1. Now I must check out Ayelet Waldman’s book…LOL.

    I have Lila and The Paying Guests on Sparky; eager to read them both soon!

    I can’t get over the fact that three of my “babies” are in their forties, and one is nearing that decade in a couple of years. And my oldest two grandsons…19 and in college!

    Time does fly along ….sigh.


  2. Thanks for the mention, Kate. Those covers. Wow. And my baby has just finished Year 12 so hold onto your hat, it goes fast. Love the gingerbread terrariums. Gorgey. (Recently asked how Amnesia is going sales-wise at one of my local independent book shops. ‘Slowing down,’ they said. ‘Not good reviews,’ I said. ‘Kind of putting people off? Puts me off.’ ‘Don’t believe it,’ one woman said. ‘Read it. It’s wonderful.’ So there you go. Horses for courses, or whatever the saying is.

    Have a great Christmas and New Year!

  3. I WISH I could right a list of the worst books I read this year, but it just feels so mean. However, worth noting, I have to that I would love to eviscerate: Black Moon and Above. Black Moon may rank as the worst book I’ve ever read as an adult.

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