Top Movie Soundtracks

I read an article last week about movie soundtracks that hit number one on the Billboard chart during the last thirty years (there are 38 of them). Must admit, I’m a sucker for a movie soundtrack and on reading the article I got a bit shitty that so many great soundtracks had been left out. So I wrote my own list. And then this was published. Glad the author and I see eye-to-eye.

Here are my favourites (in no particular order), as well as my favourite track:

Grease (There Are Worse Things I Could Do)

The Great Gatsby (A Little Party Never Killed Nobody)

Away We Go (All My Days)

Once (Falling Slowly)

Juno (Anyone Else But You)

Muriel’s Wedding (where do I start? There’s ABBA, The Carpenters, Blondie, Peter Allen and Dusty Springfield)

La Bamba (We Belong Together)

When Harry Met Sally (It Had to be You)

Reality Bites (Stay)

The Commitments (Try a Little Tenderness)

Buena Vista Social Club (Dos Gardenias)

Romeo and Juliet (Lovefool)

Mad Love (Slowly, Slowly)

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