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london-21. London. Me*. In February. CUE ALL THE YAYS.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2. With a possible side trip to Berlin. MAKE WAY FOR ALL THE YAYS!

3. Bookish stuff: if I keep putting door-stops on my reading list, I’ll never finish my 2013 reading challenges. I’m looking at you Tartt, Lamb, Tan and Catton.

4. You know when you’ve finished a book and you’ve got so much to say you don’t even know where to start? That**.

5. There’s a sensational mid-century house down the road from us. Or I should say, there was. The new owners have ripped out the fixtures, plonked a filthy big extension on top of what was once a roof-top entertaining area (with built in barbeque) and then, as a final insult, are rendering over the cream bricks as I type. As a fan of mid-century architecture and for all the years I dabbled in town planning, this BREAKS MY HEART. This is the house as it was:

mid-century-house-26. It’s against my nature to finish on a bad note so here’s a pic of where I was on the weekend. Glorious. My favourite and best place.


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*Solo trip. Did I mention ALL THE HOORAYS I’ve been throwing around?
**Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas

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    • Needless to say all the dads at school will be giving my OH a big slap for setting a most excellent precedent.

      The house… I can hardly look at it now without crying. We called it the ‘ship house’ because it looked like a majestic cruise liner with its little porthole feature windows. Our council cracks the shits about everything and yet no one from planning thinks mid-C are worthy of ‘heritage’ controls. It’s criminal.

  1. I wish you could pack me in your suitcase, because London and Berlin – so jealous (but so frigging cold too). And traveling alone? I can’t imagine. I’ve hauled both kids to Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, Hawaii, and various parts of the US and Canada. It’s fun, but not fun at the same time.

    And I love MCM furniture and architecture. In our current reno, I’m trying to use a mix of classic and mid-century to mixed results. I think it’s a travesty what they are doing to that house. 🙁

    • Re: my suitcase – you’re short, aren’t you? Won’t take up much room? 😉

      Needless to say, I’m thrilled to be travelling on my own. I love my kids but I also love travelling solo. And I can read on the plane… Can’t wait.

      Will post an ‘after’ pic when they’ve finished fucking up the house. It will make you cry.

      • I’m a very small human (think Christina Ricci, Reese Witherspoon, the Olsen Twins). I’m totally packable.

        Read on the place. Sleep on the place. Do whatever you want without worrying which one will find something to do that they’re not supposed to…

        🙁 My neighborhood is right next to a fabulous group of mid-century modern homes. Recently, one was purchased, torn down, and rebuilt to be what I refer to as the San Francisco house. It was built to look like the painted ladies in San Francisco. Needless to say, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • I admit that I really love travelling on my own (see what I want to see, do what I want to do, eat where I want to eat). I’ve done quite a few solo trips, beginning with a high-school exchange when I was 16 – it set the tone for a lifetime of getting on planes alone! Now that I’m a parent, I FREAK OUT at the idea of putting my kid on a plane and sending them to the other side of the world, even with the ability to be in touch via mobile phones and email (none of which I had when I went – my parents had no way of knowing I’d arrived safely!).

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