Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

1. Hooray! I’m Prince George (image).

2. A few weeks ago my accountant sent me an email saying that if I didn’t do my tax pronto, she was breaking up with me. *HOLY SHIT* I need her more than she needs me. So I did my tax. No one’s high-fived me or stopped by to give me a medal yet. What’s with that?

3. I’ve started following @Grand_designz on Twitter – it’s a parody of the television program Grand Designs (what do I love most – the presenter, Kevin McCloud or the houses? Hmmm…). Anyway, it’s hilarious. Here are some of my favourites –

“Penguin masseur Odhràn is building a bicycle wheel house from bees. It will be the 1st bespoke bee-spoke house in Europe.”

“Silo & Glob have always dreamed of living in a series of pods lined with taramasalata and gold. The pod cluster be a base for their law firm.”

“Artistic coeliacs, Geldric & Magora, are building a Basque monastery in the Wye Valley from Jammie Wagon Wheels and organic gnocchi.”

“Yarg & Philbeam, carbon neutral software engineers from Woking, dream of building an aluminium croft with a meringue spa room and library.”

4. In fact, I love @Grand_designz as much as this book, which also makes me scream with laughter. See more of Molly Erdman’s brilliance here.


5. Things I’ve loved this week – gossip cake, Kindle MatchBooks (hope that’s extended to Australia), librarians confessing their sins (Rory, I’m waiting) and doughnut balloons.


6. In last week’s Bookish Thoughts post, Lianne at Caffeinated Life made mention of minions. Which reminded me of a scene in Despicable Me II that made me laugh so much that my kids told me to “Shhhhh!” in the cinema.

So excuse me, I’ll just be chillin’, with the guac… from my chip hat…

Royalty, guacamole and accountants – what have you got add? Share and play along with this meme at Bookishly Boisterous.

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  1. Confession #1: I often eat lunch while processing the new books to add to the collection.

    Confession #2: I hate helping people use the computers. I had to teach someone to use a mouse the other day.

    Confession #3: I call security when people fall asleep in the library, but only if they snore.

    Confession #4: I consider my branch of librarianship more badass than any other branch of librarianship (and I make more money too). Metadata for the win. #nerd

    That royal baby picture is far too adorable to be fair to the rest of us.

    • YES! I knew I could count on you for some confessions. I particularly like #4. Agree with you on #2 – not that I ever have to help people with computers but I HATE watching people do stuff on computers – have to resist slapping their hand away and screeching “Just let me!”.

      After four of my own, I should be immune to cute babies… But… But… *clucky*

  2. I love that photo of Prince George, it’s so cute! xD And I also love the portrait of Queen Elizabeth and the three in line to the throne–it’s a very historic photo <3

    lol I love that scene from Despicable Me 2! Wish I had a chip had with guac in it…mmm, come to think of it, that sounds good right about now…

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